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"We are your partners on the path for making effective and positive financial decisions."
We are your partners on the path for making effective and positive financial decisions. Our team consists of a superbly trained staff and in practice verified accounting specialists with years of professional work experience.
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  • Maintaining a bookkeeping journal
  • Maintenance of the Main Book
  • Maintenance of Invoices and Outbound accounts according to VAT regulations
  • Cash register bookkeeping and cash register journal bookkeeping
  • Book maintenance of Receipts and Expenditures
  • Maintaining a book of claims and obligations
  • Records of long-term and short-term assets
  • Merchandise and material bookkeeping
  • Customer and supplier accounts
  • Supervisory books of import and export
  • Travel orders
  • Creating and submitting the accompanying JOPPD form
  • Depreciation calculation
  • Consulting and analyzing business with clients
  • Monthly analysis of financial accounting
  • Creation of a monthly profit and loss account
  • Calculation of other income (service contracts, authors fee, student contracts, and similar)
  • Management and review of e-tax, e-pension, e-health, e-fina
  • Processing of tax returns by citizens, craftsmen, non-profit organizations
  • Submitting forms to the Tax Administration
  • VAT calculation and submission of all parts of VAT registration
  • All reporting obligations towards the country arising from the accounting law
  • Tax on profit
  • Income tax
  • Added value tax
  • Payroll accounting
  • Monitoring all legal changes
  • Employee registration and checkout for pension and health insurance
  • Making monthly and annual payroll lists
  • Work contract storaging to preserve the confidentiality of data
  • Creating the application for the Croatian Institute for Health Insurance for an employee sick leave refund
  • Calculation of the fees of external associates with prescribed contributions
  • Creation of tax payment orders, net wage contributions and the preperation of prescribed reports
  • R-Sm form - Specifics on insured persons on calculated contributions
  • ID form - Report on Receipts from non-individual work
  • IP form - Report on salaries, pensions, contributions, tax and surtax
  • Production of warehouse documents
  • Managing cash register operations
  • Preparation of Inbound payment orders
  • Collection of documentation
  • Review accounting documentation for the form of initial assessment of the subject
  • Identification of irregularities and inconsistencies
  • Identifying the area of loss
  • Calculations and estimates of economic damage
  • Fraud detection
  • Valuations of tangible and intangible assets
  • Manipulation of financial statements
  • Estimates of income and expenses
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